The Products

If you’re interested in purchasing any of the below products please get in touch with Tim Boorman as he took over the remaining stock. His email is >

Combo Cover…

The GlobeRoamer “Combo Covers” seen below in both Canvas and PVC are grille hugging solutions to our daily and overlanding needs.

Relatively quick and easy to fit, these ComboCovers offer a “Fit and Forget” approach, and can be used all year round for various situations.

I have to point out that as with any vehicle on the road today, it is vital to keep among other systems, your cooling system in GREAT shape! Water ports clog with sludge and age, hoses perish, header tanks split on your way to Cornwall (Si Woodhead!) and radiators suffer the usual wear and tear etc. etc.

I have air flow tested it using an Anemometer with and without the seed net, and the variation in test results at 30, 40, 50, 60, and 70 MPH, were all negligible.

I have been using, and testing, mine since July 2011, and it has worked wonderfully thus far. Use common sense when using it in the closed position. Keep an eye on your temperature gauge, and remember that it is only ever meant to offer a temporary solution to a particular situation… ie, warming your motor up faster on a cold morning, or wading bravely through that body of water,…

Bonnet Buddy…

The Bonnet Buddy came about on account of a cheap and nasty battery once bought by myself. I thought that at nearly £100.00, this battery would do just fine, but boy was I wrong! Despite checking my entire electrical system, and the alternator, it turns out that it was simply CCA (Cold Cranking Amps) that was lacking in said new battery…. Back to the point. I ended up carrying Jump Leads with me, and storing them behind the seat just didn’t work! Then you sling them into the back, and hey, more untidy mess to route around.

I then thought to myself, having a blank, chequer plated bonnet, that we needed something to fill that valuable space, and get those jump leads, and tow strops, and “D” shackles, and “Fix everything” tape etc etc somewhere new to live! After a little planning, drawing and building, we came up with our mate, Bonnet Buddy!

I am happy to report that so far, it has indeed proved itself very nicely in use. There is a fair amount of space available within the Bonnet Buddy, and Golf “Driving Range” netting on the top for even more storage possibilities.

There is a heavy duty zip that runs nearly entirely around the BB, and then to help a little more with the elements, there is a velcro strip that further protects that zip.

Please note, despite using waterproof canvas in the manufacture of this item, I would present it as weather resistant, as opposed to waterproof…. But all of my gear has remained fairly dry despite some truly decent rain…. The Kit I wish to keep truly dry, I place in clear “Poly” bags.

To fit the bonnet Buddy is also fairly easy and straight forward, but does involve drilling four holes into your bonnet. Initially, I went down the “Removable strap” route, but this allowed movement in the bag while driving, and made it way too easy to remove. I have opted for four bolts, locked in place with wing nuts on spring washers, nice and tightly fitted, and when zipped open, is removable in mere minutes anyway.

As an added little feature, we have added a PVC strip across the bottom of the Buddy, and this is so that if you find yourself winching yourself out of that “Looks easy” section, you now have the option to remove the Buddy and use it as a very effective winch sail/safety blanket! Handy!

The DashGard…

The “DashGard” is a simple solution for a Defenders dash, and not only helps with sun protection on your black vinyl finnish, but also helps in minimizing windscreen glare. There are also two handy little storage pouches available. A small one to the right of the radio for your phone, Ipod etc, and a larger one in front of the passenger for all sorts of odds ‘n sods. This too is available in Khaki (as seen), Olive and black but check with Tim and find out what’s still in stock.