The Defender

Having had a passion for all things Land Rover since a very young age, imagine my sheer joy at getting a ’98 300Tdi Defender 90 to use as one of my first company vehicles in the UK. Way back in May 2002, I received the news that it was to be mine. I couldn’t believe my luck!

It was more or less showroom standard then, but had a “county” pack applied from new, so a few little luxuries on board. The Freestyle alloys and BFG all terrains were a firm favourite from the start! Together, this little Defender and I toured the UK, covering 130 000 miles until May 2008, when the boss was kind enough to give me option to buy it!!!!

Piggy bank smashed, the title deeds were in my hand within days, and so began part two of this Land Rover’s life. I began it all with a Safari Snorkel, and as any Landy lovers out there will know, once you begin “bushing” your ride, there is a long, hard and sometimes expensive little journey ahead of you.

Only three and a half years into ownership, the Defender was fully self sufficient, and always ready for the next adventure.

Having owned this truck for the time I have, and having kitted it for, not only daily use, but also overland travel it became the beautiful ride it is today. It has brought us all over Europe and will be our rig for this big journey.

Happy Defendering!