Globe Roamer – How it all began

I was born in beautiful Rhodesia in the summer of ’78 to Sonny and Christine Holmes, and so began my life adventure! In ’81, it was decided that a move to South Africa was a good idea with all the changes happening in our home land. What an incredible life my parents had… Having to start a brand new life in a new country with two young children, some clothes, photographs, and a 1934 Chevrolet Master DeLuxe… Everything had been given up and left behind in Rhodesia…

Despite this, and so many other seemingly overwhelming obstacles, our new life began in the breathtakingly beautiful Eastern Transvaal. And is so often the case, so much comes from so little…. Love, determination, unity, hard work and just a little luck welcomed us into our new lives….

We travelled and lived throughout South Africa, from the Eastern Transvaal, to the Eastern Cape and just a few places in between… The last place we lived, which was also where we spent the most time in one spot, was the lovely old mining town of Nigel, Transvaal…. It was there that my father passed away, and this led to a move once again… This time far further afield… To the green shores of the UK.

From the time I can remember, my late father, Sonny, would relive his adventures travelling throughout Botswana, Namibia, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Zambia and South Africa behind the wheel of a ’57 Series one Land Rover affectionately called “Cancer”…. The people he met, the near disasters, the pools he built at the game reserves in Botswana, the “Booze Cruises” on the Chobe River, selling cooking fat in small containers as “Buffalo Fat” to the tan-hungry tourists…. Way too many stories to share here, but every little adventure came back to that little series one Land Rover, and the adventure it personified.

If you spend enough time sitting under the Dreaming Tree, your dreams almost always work out… Granted, a little hard work and “Penny Turning” sure go a long way in achieving these dreams, but they are attainable. I now fortunately have my own Land Rover, and although not on African soil, enjoy many adventures in it…

It is this love and passion that has led me to this website, my stories, adventures, friends, family, vehicles and products borne from use and a desire for creativity….

If you haven’t been as yet, get out to Africa, She is an amazing adventure, teaming with diversity, vibrance, and every colour you can imagine, She gets into your blood. And stays there. But I guess in reality, the whole globe is a gift…. A gift that wants opening…. And enjoying!

Keep Roaming