So far in Spain…

I’d like to be honest with you, Spain has shown us incredibly good, creepy and weird times so far. Let me tell you more…

A few days ago we crossed into the region Aragon, and ended up in a small village called Agüero. We hit up the local campsite, and cheekily asked if we could stay one night for free in exchange for some help. Luckily for us the answer was yes, so I ended up re-writing their food offer sheets and Alex fixed the flush mechanism in the men’s loo.

The campsite was called Peña Solar and is owned by Carlos and his lovely wifey. It has the most beautiful views of the Los Mallos mountains, also known as ‘the ninepins’. They are actually more of a massive rock formation rather than a mountain, and are more than 900 feet high. A lot of people come here to climb these beasts, we prefer to admire them from afar.

That evening we had a huge hail storm, and decided to postpone our cycle ride into the village for obvious reasons. I’d describe Agüero as a quaint and earthy little place, as the houses are all shades of brown and it kind of blends into the environment. (As it turns out most Spanish towns do)

When we left the next day we took a lovely little dirt road towards Biel, where Alex was in his element and the views were beautiful.

About Biel we can only say this,… it creeped us out completely. OK here is what happened,… we arrived, parked up and had a walk around, all this while not seeing a single soul. Sadly the church was locked and we couldn’t go inside, so we decided to hunt down a bakery as our dear friend Google said there was one around. Still, we haven’t seen anyone. A few minutes later we’re standing in front of the bakery and Alex tried the door handle, when suddenly loud music started to play over the main loudspeaker of the church. (Check Out Facebook for the video!) Then a Spanish lady made a short announcement, which was followed by more music. Confused we looked at each other, while moving away from the door and back down the alley way. We started to head towards the car and still couldn’t see another human around, only a cat. It was like the start of a good horror movie, so we left quicker than you can say señorita.

That evening we ended up in a lovely secluded picnic area, which was beautiful while the sun was up and a bit creepy once the sun was gone. We found several pieces of garments hanging on branches, one of which was a pair of O’Neill lady board shorts that looked like new. So much so that I’m now the new owner of these shorts, as they happened to fit me like a dream. Don’t judge!

The night was peaceful and we made our way towards Bardenas Reales (El Paso), a semi desert in the northeastern part of Spain. Needless to say that the landscapes were stunning in this 42,000 hectare National Park. The soils are a combination of clay, sandstone and chalk that have been eroded by wind and water, creating fantastic shapes. Canyons and plateaus with almost lunar like effects. We also saw one of the main rock formations called Castildetierra.

After leaving the desert we were on the lookout for a campsite, which are few and far in between in this area. The only one we did find was too pricey. Hence why we ended up sleeping at the back of a small family owned petrol station. They were super lovely to us, offering us their back parking lot to pitch up, and showed us where water tap and facilities were.

Our next stop was a campsite near Villasur de Herreros, again we went in offering any help they might need in exchange for a night in the camp. It’s always worth asking, sometimes the answer is no and they tell us to take a hike, but sometimes like on this occasion we were kindly offered a night. We decided to cycle into town to scout out what shops, if any, were around as we needed bread. Since we went at around one o’clock we didn’t take a purse, as we assumed it was siesta already. Even bigger was our surprise when we found a bakery with an inviting smell coming out of its open doors.

We went inside to ask if they were open tomorrow (Sunday) too. The baker was a lovely guy, who as it turned out, stayed at the same campsite as we did. Since our Spanish and his English was limited, we explained with hand and feet that we’ll be back tomorrow. But before we could leave the shop he handed us a small bag with freshly made muffins, which in his opinion, weren’t beautiful enough to be sold in the shop. We thanked him a million times, and let me tell you, those muffins weren’t just delicious they looked lovely too.

A little while later back in the camp, Mr. Baker man arrives back home, and walks straight towards us with a big round pita/flat bread. He refuses to take any money for it, so Alex walks over to his home with a beer to say thank you. A few minutes later he comes back with a huge amount of honey. As it turns out Mr. Baker man is also a beekeeper, and gifted us this huge slab of honeycomb. Sometimes we are simply overwhelmed by the kindness of strangers.

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