Medieval Pons

The kindness of strangers can sometimes render you speechless and here is what happened… we just arrived in a municipal campsite in Pons setting up our camp in the free of charge outside area when Alex got chatting to the guy in charge about our story and travel plans. In a heartbeat he turned around and offered us a free place inside the campsite so we were more comfortable and had access to all facilities. We couldn’t believe it, how lovely of a perfect stranger to let us camp for free!

As for little Pons, what a pretty medieval town it is. It was named after the Lord of Pons, Pierre Dugua who also founded the first French settlement in Canada… just to squeeze a bit of history in as well.

We cycled up to the Donjon (castle keep), which was a pretty impressive and tall building. You can also climb it if you want an even better view. The gardens around the Donjon are beautifully kept and very romantic with the Grand Escalier (great staircase) leading down into the town. The staircase was built in the 17th century to get easier access to the town below the ramparts and is very impressive.

From there we cycled into town, and found a stunning picnic like area under lots of willow trees with little bridges over the many tributaries of the river Seugne, that run right through this very magical area. We cycled the rest of the town flat and found a curious looking back garden with a shell shack before heading ‘home’ and crawling into our super comfy rooftent.

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