It was meant to be

Time to head off again, it will be our first night on the road since the beginning of August. We said our goodbyes and were slowly driving towards Dover, avoiding boring motorways. We were somewhere near Guildford when suddenly our sat-nav started to give us trouble. It kept switching itself off despite being plugged in to power so we stopped on the side of a small lane to sort it out but we had no joy.

We decided to move on and reached a T-junction to a main road. It was pretty busy and I spotted a landy with a roof tent in the distance. As I pointed it out to Alex he recognized the car, it was Tim an old friend and his partner Sue. What are the chances? We met on the side of the road and had a quick catch up before we went our separate ways again.

It was right there that we spotted a big parking lot which belongs to a Golf Club, so we went in and asked if we can stay for one night. It doesn’t hurt to try and we agreed that we’ll try to ‘wild camp’ every second or third night, so here we go. We were lucky and answer was yes!

As we were getting ready again the next morning we tried the sat-nav again and guess what,… it worked without problems. If it hadn’t of switched off, we wouldn’t have stopped and we wouldn’t have met Tim but it was meant to be. It’s these occurrences that make you wonder if there isn’t more to it all sometimes…

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