A different journey

It was a Tuesday afternoon on the 31st July when we left to start our big adventure. We made our way to Kent to camp for one night as our Ferry was due to leave early the next morning. Excitement was in the air, we’ve been talking about this for so long. We arrived in the campsite just as it was about to get dark and set up our roof tent right away.

It was about 20:33 when the phone rang and the sad news reached us that Alex’s mom had passed away. We couldn’t believe it. We were planning on going out to Zambia in late October to visit Chrissy (Alex’s mom) but we won’t get this chance anymore. She’s now on a different journey. The following days passed very quickly and we spent a lot of time with Alex’s family who have been amazing and super supportive.

This post is in memory of you Chrissy – R.I.P. you will be missed.




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